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UNWIND Foaming Bath Salt - Lavender

Soak, Relax & Unwind


Bringing Luxury Spa adventures to your regular baths with goodness of healing Epsom Salts, skin-nourishing oils, Lavender Essential oil & foaming formulation to add extra fun to your relaxing soak sessions.


Epsom Salt is packed with skin cleansing properties and helps to ease sore muscles resulted due to long hours of physical work or strenous day regimes.


Combined with Lavender Essential Oil the OTUM UNWIND Foaming Bath Salt helps to de-stress, induces relaxation and sleep. It also helps to combat bacterial and fungal growth accumulated due to sweat and dirt.


UNWIND Foaming Bath Salt is your best bet to relax and self indulge after a tiring day or week. It helps you relax, uplifts mood, soothe tense muscles while you can also play around with foaming bubbles that doubles the cleansing action, making you feel rejuvenated and light after every soak.


Fragrance : Lavender

UNWIND Foaming Bath Salt - Lavender


1. Add desired amount of OTUM Foaming Bath Salt in warm/lukewarm water.

For Foot Soak - Add a tablespoon

For Bath Soak - Add 2-3 tablespoons in bathtub

2. Give a gentle rinse to lather.

3. Step in and relax.

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