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About Us

OTUM is an organic, luxury home fragrance & body care brand, founded by the brother-sister duo, Hina Rehan & Dhruv Rehan in September 2020. The name OTUM takes its inspiration from Autumn, a transitional season between summers and winters, that’s known for bewitching fragrances in the atmosphere along with cheers of festivities and kinsfolk gatherings, symbolizing prosperity and new beginnings.  Just like the beautiful amalgamation of celebrations and fragrances, OTUM collections are made to provide olfactory and exuberant pleasures, yet staying minimal-chic on look and feel, to deliver a true luxury experience.


OTUM Fragrances are sensory tales waiting to be discovered.  The fragrances for home and body care are formulated by the Founder and Creative Director, Hina Rehan, who takes her inspirations from faraway cities, locations, and seasons. Staying true to its value, only pure essential oils are used in formulations that not only uplifts the mood of a space but also brings an individual closer towards clean living and holistic well-being.


With purity and sustainability in its heart, OTUM is constantly making efforts towards providing all natural and sustainable alternatives for conventional home fragrance and body care items, yet, not compromising on the quality and performance. We perform constant R&D to deliver best quality products. 

All our products are hand-crafted in India with local and ethically sourced materials. Home Fragrances are made using a combination of natural waxes and other natural resources. Body care is formulated with organic and home-grown ingredients and is Parabens free. Essential oils are sourced from local suppliers in India.

OTUM products come in a biodegradable and environment friendly packaging with minimal use of plastics. In addition, the product containers can be repurposed or up-cycled as storage containers, home décor items or can be used for chic DIY projects.

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