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MISK Oud Candle

 Fragrance of Heaven!


An invigorating blend of the finest quality OUD essential oil (agarwood essential oil) blended with exotic Indian Tuberose that sets in an explosion of olfactive delight. 


The compelling sparkle of complex floral notes pulls you in, building a tingling sensation of underlying woody notes of Oud and soon you will find yourself leaning in for endless sniffs of the mystic aroma.

MISK Oud Candle

  • OTUM MISK comes in a golden cylindrical glass container that blends perfectly with all interiors and different ambience settings. Thus, making it a wise choice for lifting ambience of any space.
  • Burn Hour – 44+ hours
  • Apart from the candle, the outer packaging speaks for true elegance making it a perfect choice for gifting.
  • OTUM candles produce less soot and smoke than regular candles.
  • All OTUM products are hand poured in small batches.
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