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Rose & Ylang Ylang Wax Tablets - Set of 2

Made with the purest essential oils and dried botanicals, OTUM Soy Wax Tablets are multi-functional in usage.


Deodorize closed spaces like Wardrobes, Closets, Vanity Areas, Storage Rooms, Prayer & Mediation Areas, Work Stations to mask any foul or damp odour or store them with winterwear to keep bugs away. 

Rose & Ylang Ylang Wax Tablets - Set of 2


Hang the tablet in the desired closed area and wait till the aroma spreads into the whole space.


One Wax Tablet can release fragrance for 45 - 60 days.


Once the fragrance fades, use these tablets as wax melts.


Note: Wax Tablets are made with 100% wax. Hence, place them in cool place away from direct heat or sunlight.

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