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Rose Diffuser Oil - 15 ml

OTUM Blended Diffuser Oils are made with pure essential oils and are 100% organic with no toxic fumes or irritants. The range of diffuser oils can be used both with oil burners (tealight/electric) and with humidifiers.


Packaging: Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Net Content: 15 ml

Rose Diffuser Oil - 15 ml


OTUM Blended Rose Diffuser Oil is a blend of rich notes of Indian Rose essential oil. The aroma is rich, luxurious with floral rose accords and turns the space into an enchanting garden. 



  • The fragrance of Rose is a natural aphrodisiac. It also helps to relieve stress, fight anxiety and induce feelings of love and joy.
  • Rose aroma strengthen and balance the Heart Chakra, instil positive feeling and helps in spiritual growth.


Accords: Rich & Luxurious Floral

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