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Orange Diffuser Oil - 15 ml

OTUM Blended Diffuser Oils are made with pure essential oils and are 100% organic with no toxic fumes or irritants. The range of diffuser oils can be used both with oil burners (tealight/electric) and with humidifiers.


Packaging: Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Net Content: 15 ml

Orange Diffuser Oil - 15 ml

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OTUM Blended Orange Diffuser Oil is a blend of sweet and citrusy notes of Orange essential oil. The upbeat and cheerful scent of sweet oranges is a reminiscence of summers and warm weather. Hence, the space it is scented with instantly brightens up with sweet, energizing and citrusy fresh vibes. 



The fragrance of sweet oranges helps to uplifts and energizes mood with burst of activity. It also helps to lower gloomy and slumbering feeling.

Orange aroma is used for strengthening and balancing the Throat Chakra.


Accords: Concentrated sweet and citrusy.

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