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Lavender Diffuser Oil - 15 ml

OTUM Blended Diffuser Oils are made with pure essential oils and are 100% organic with no toxic fumes or irritants. The range of diffuser oils can be used both with oil burners (tealight/electric) and with humidifiers.


Packaging: Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Net Content: 15 ml

Lavender Diffuser Oil - 15 ml

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OTUM Blended Lavender Diffuser Oil is a blend of sweet and light floral notes of Lavender Herb essential oil. Lavender Herb over time has become the most popular aroma for holistic wellbeing and in aromatherapy for its numerous benefits. The aroma from these magic herbs is calming, treats anxiety and induces sleep.




The fragrance of Lavender helps to induce sleep, relieve anxiety and helps in lowering mood swings.

Lavender aroma is universal scent for strengthening all 7 chakras and promotes spiritual growth.


Accords: Floral, fresh, sweet and herbaceous

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