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Bergamot & Amber Pack of 10 Wax Melts

A unisex olfactive delight, Bergamot & Amber comes with opening notes of Bergamot with its sweet & subtle citrusy aroma, blended with woodsy notes of Ambergius.


An indulging summertime pick-me-up, its an ideal fragrance to bring a clean and crisp feeling in the space, but also adds a unique luxurious mood to the surroundings.

Bergamot & Amber Pack of 10 Wax Melts

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1. Place wax melt in well of the burner. 
2. DO NOT add water and oil. 
3. Keep away from the reach of children and pets. 
4. Change with fresh melts when the wax turns opaque or yellow in color and releases no fragrance.

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